A country doctor a story by franz kafka history essay

/A state physician is a narrative by Franz Kafka implying challenges and defeats a state physician had to confront in an effort to salvage the wellness of a patient stat mis off. He starts out on a journey to procure the wellness of an indisposed patient but it was n’t a smooth seafaring. He had to lift above every challenge that came his manner.

The physician was ready for his journey that seemed long and boring, and in his company was a pretty miss ( his retainer miss ) with whom they had to go. The physician had to get in clip at his finish at least to salvage the state of affairs at manus but the ways and agencies of making his finish proved futile. His ain Equus caballus had died the old dark, and the servant miss had to run all round the small town availing all the resources but all was in vain. No 1 in the small town was willing to impart a Equus caballus at that clip of the twenty-four hours and for such a long and boring journey. The physician was frustrated at the bend of events, he merely stood at that place open, gazing in to the empty infinite unable to travel assnowgathered upon him doing him weak. He did n’t give up yet for he knew ever there would be light at the terminal of the tunnel. The servant miss ( Rose ) was there standing at the gateway beckoning a lantern. He strode through the tribunal pace once more, but he could n’t see any manner out of the tribunal ; in defeat and confusion he kicked at the elderly door of the pigpen and the door opened broad. A crisp odor of Equus caballuss me the physicians nose. A dim stable lantern swang from a rope in the room. A adult male stooping on his buttocks appeared with a curious expression on his face. He crawled out of the little room but within a split of a 2nd he was back, with two good reinforced Equus caballuss. The physician ordered the servant miss to impart a manus to the adult male and she did with harness.

Everything seemed ready and everyone was ready for the long journey. The groom insisted on driving the remainder but his determination was turned down by the physician claiming the groom was a alien and they had hardly known each other, allow entirely non cognizing the terrain. A crisp statement emerged between the state physician and the groom. The groom had to retreat himself out of the journey and insisted to remain behind with physicians servant miss. What a blow to the state physician. He had to cover with this challenge and besides get down on his journey that seemed inevitable. Although the physician was frustrated but he came to believe of it. The adult male was a alien who came in to the physicians life and offered a shoulder to tilt on when everyone else had failed him. How was he to go forth behind his servant miss with the alien? The groom clapped his custodies a mark of going to the gig, and so it was, they left in a lightening velocity.

The physician arrived at his patients farmyard late that dark when the Moon was high above the sky. He met a instead baffled household members whose faces glittered with hope at the sight of the state physician. The sort of response the physician received sent some message that he was late for his assignment. The whole small town had cast their hopes on the state physician to salvage their ailing boy, whose wellness seemed to acquire worse twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours, the air was stuffy although the physician went directly and examined his patient. The patient was weak and his wellness unpromising- but he wrapped his weaponries round the physician ‘s cervix, as a mark of licking by the hurting. The physician had one challenge in head, that he was to safe the wellness of the patient no affair what for the whole household had pressed trust on him. But believing of Rose and how he was to deliver her from the custodies of the alien made him ill, how could he salvage her and yet he was stat mis off? He thought he had better gone back and salvage his servant miss from the custodies of the groomed alien.

The Equus caballuss looked set for the return journey but the physician had allowed the patient ‘s sister to take away his fur coat, intending he was get downing to present his services to the patient. An old adult male from he household handed over a glass of rum to the physician and patted him on the shoulder, as a mark of friendly relationship and hopes that all was traveling to be good with the patient but the physician was non amused by the act, alternatively he felt defeated and defeated. This meant the whole household expected nil less than the best from him, what a challenge it was he was the territory physician and ever delivered his services to a point he realized it was beyond the bound but still he was underpaid. Rose was still in his head non to reference of the patient who was in a serious status every bit good. His Equus caballus had died last dark but no 1 was at that place to portion his torment. He was frustrated.

The size of the lesion on the right side of the physician ‘s patient and the status of the patient startled the physician, he knew the male child was non traveling to retrieve shortly or subsequently but still he had to reconstruct hopes in the faces of the male child ‘s household who stood around the patient ‘s bed this meant the physician experience that much was expected from him even though the patient ‘s position was non traveling to better the male child demanded a re-assurance from the physician that he would be good and up on his pess. The whole small town had lost religion in the physician due to the long hours he had spent on their patient and nil was forthcoming they came in great figure and stripped the physician ‘s apparels for the cheapjack work the physician had done. The physician was frustrated by this undignified act the villagers ‘ and counterpart who had ab initio lost religion and assurance in him as if this was non adequate letdown ; the physicians made him put following to his patient stripped off.

This was a challenge to he sophisticate for the physician had to lift above by happening a manner out he had to lure his patient by sweet words, words of hope that all would be good with him and shortly he would be up and about, the patient succumbed to the physician ‘s sweet words and genuinely believed he would retrieve in a fortnight holding played his cards right the physician rapidly collected his properties and off he went on a return journey where he could deliver the life of his servant girl- Rose- from the custodies of a groom alien

The whole narrative state physician might be considered a incubus for a figure of grounds ; before he embarks on his journey, the state physician had to cover with quite a figure of challenges that came his manner. His Equus caballus had died the old dark and the villagers were non willing to take him any of although the servant miss had gone round the small town looking for one in vain this seemed to be a nightmare owing to the fact that his journey demanded pressing handiness of resources, when the physicians looks like he is saved by the groom who willingly gives him a brace of Equus caballuss still much is expected from the physician by the groom i. e. He had to give out his servant miss to the groom for the good workss he had done, traveling his journey without his servant miss was more of a incubus to the physician. The incident at the patients farmyard remained a incubus to the physician.

Subject of treachery is good brought out by Frank Kafka. The groom betrays the physician by worsening to attach to him in his journey stat mis off and alternatively remained behind with the physicians servant girl. Although he had helped the physician out of his quandaries but treachery was n’t a good thing from him. On the other manus the physician seems to be frustrated by being misused by the territory, he is ill paid but expected to put to death his services to a point where he feels its beyond bound.

Franz Kafka ridicules the manner relationships are handled in the society, the groom, although he was a alien, he had a clean bosom that saw the physician embark on his journey stat mis off. He plays the nice cat and finally saves the physician. Franz Kafka compares this virtuousness to the undignified character of the villagers. They are so average and excessively demanding ; they expect a batch from the physician yet no 1 was willing to impart a Equus caballus to the physician when he needed 1. This suggests that relationship strings are loose and everyone is separated from the other, there should be a cohesive relationship within the people that stay together. Depriving the physician off his clothe by the villagers is a symbol of discourtesy from the villagers led by the small town elders. Elders of the small town should be on the fore-front in seeking to learn good ethical motives amongst the villagers ; but alternatively they lead by bad illustration. Moral decay is apparent.

Povertyhas taken toll of the whole small town in that territory therefore the writer brings out the subject of poorness. Other than the Equus caballuss, no other agencies of conveyance was available for the state physician. He spends a batch of clip availing assorted resources and ends up defeated, he reached his finish safely, thanks to the groom for his kindness. The sort of life style experienced in the small town by the physician is a cogent evidence of poorness the ill room was airless and a danger to the patient. The physician had lost religion in his ain profession by stating he had delivered more than plenty of his services but he was ill paid, this means that he barely met his basic demands.

Although the writer concentrated strictly on the subject of treachery but besides had some facets of the subject of rousing. The villagers looked barbarian and lack basic instruction, when the physician nods his caput as a mark of licking, no 1 amongst the villagers could read the marks or state either, if they had known the marks the better. They did n’t give the physician ample clip to analyze the patient but alternatively went a caput and humiliated the physician in forepart of the whole small town ; had they known to be patient and take affairs with wisdom and non bitterness.

Last the writer brings out misrepresentation as a subject that runs through the narrative. He ( the physician ) is deceived by the groom who subsequently took over his servant miss. The physician besides uses misrepresentation to salvage his ain life from the custodies of the wicked villagers. He deceives his patient and got his manner out of the small town. He besides goes a caput and deceives the whole small town that he could mend the patient although he knew it was a difficult nut to check.