A chemicals such as fertilizers are used to revitalize soil fertility essay sample

I. Introduction
Thesis Statement: In the issue of clean water supply and abundance, the United States government should issue strict laws against water pollution because it contaminates agriculture, causes human diseases and poisons animals.
II. Agriculture Contamination
The chemicals are mixed with water which runs off.
Water runs off with some of the soil nutrients
The land becomes less fertile and unproductive.
B. Contaminated water is not fit for farming
Water contamination makes water unfit for agricultural use
Using the water for irrigation affects the plants negatively.
III. Human diseases
A. Water borne diseases can result from the use of contaminated waters.
Diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and other water borne diseases that affect humans
The diseases are brought about by ingesting contaminated water or eating foods prepared with the water.
B. Foods produced with contaminated water affect humans
Contaminated fish from lakes are consumed by humans
Residues from food grown with the water affect humans
IV. Animal Poisoning
A. The fish are affected
The fish in the lakes are affected by the chemicals, some die.
Contamination kills the water plants which provide food for the fish, hence killing them.
B. Land animals are also affected
The animals ingest contaminated plants and water
These poison the animals
V. Conclusion
It is apparent that water contamination has grave consequences on all forms of life on earth.
The issue needs to be addressed urgently
The government should enact laws to ensure that the water sources are protected, so as to ensure abundance of safe water.