12-step and non-12-step self-help groups

Describe the difference between 12-step and non-12-step groups (as a whole). Then, discuss in-depth one non-12-step group in particular.
The major difference is that 12-step involves group therapy while non 12-step is individualized therapy first and most of the time and not group therapy. In 12-step, there are a set of steps to follow in recovery while no particular order is followed in non 12-step (Bieling, McCabe and Anthony, 2009). St. Jude Retreat is a non 12-step drug treatment and recovery center located in New York but also has various other centers in different places.
Which self-help groups (12-step and non-12-step groups) discussed in the textbook is available in your community or neighboring community? How many meetings of each group are offered per week and what are the venues? If a group is not available, state that.
Most of the groups are the 12-step groups and majority of them meet three times in a week while others meet twice in a week. Since there are three groups, they each have their own venue to avoid a clash of the days of the meeting but all these areas are in halls. One has the social hall, the other the gymnasium in the high school and the last one meets in the elementary school’s hall.
Given your response to the above two questions, which groups’ meetings are feasible for a person to attend? That is, are all the self-help groups mentioned in the textbook represented in your community neighboring community?
Not all the groups are available and only the 12-step group is but not the rest.