1 page report

1 page report Importance of Environmentally Sustainable Practices
Environmental sustainable practices are activities that are directed to protect the environment. Sustainable initiatives also apply to social sustainability. These practices involve looking at business process in order to have a positive impact to people and environment. This is also done in order to avoid negative impacts on people and environment (Anderson, 2006). Working conditions are improved and these practices can be used as business strategies by some business.
Importance of Engaging in these Practices
There are great benefits when companies engage in environmental sustainable practices. Companies will avoid law suites which are brought by harming the environment. Environment is made dirty when companies litter in places like beaches. There are some companies that emits carbon into the air and others spill oil into the sea (Anderson, 2006). By engaging in these practices, companies will never face law suits.
Another importance for companies engaging in these practices is saving costs on production of their products. These are companies that have started recycling programs where they recycle plastic containers etc. These saves cost of producing new plastic products and it eventually cleans the environment.
These practices are used by some companies as business strategies. Companies that protect the environment are praised by people because they are responsible. They get good opinion by people and customer loyalty.
Steps of Becoming Environmentally Sustainable
It is important for companies to engage in environmental sustainability practices because there are global challenges of energy efficiency. There is also climate change due to emissions by companies. Human activities have brought climate change and this should be reduced (Ramon, 2007). Living in a dirty environment predisposes people to diseases. There are several steps that companies can take in order to become environmentally sustainable. The first step is by reducing rubbish by recycling. Recycling of some rubbish reduces the operation costs of a company. Recycling of rubbish will eliminate littering which eventually encourages pests.
Another step that companies should take is by manufacturing eco-friendly products. These are products that are environmental friendly. The eco-friendly products do not emit carbon and are not harmful to the environment. For instance, car manufactures are designing cars that consume less energy and emit less carbon.
Air pollution is another area considered by companies. Companies are taking caution in emitting gases into the air. Some gases are dangerous when inhaled by employees and the public. Water is part of environment and should be taken care of. Companies can play a big role in protecting water resources like lakes and sea. They should avoid at all costs to spill chemicals near water resources. All water leaks should be fixed because a lot of water is lost from them (Anderson, 2006). Water should be saved by avoiding unnecessary wastage of it.
People can never live without energy. It is therefore important that people and companies protect the sources of energy plus avoid misusing it. Companies can contribute to this by monitoring their power use. This saves energy.
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